The network Tela Botanica aims to help bring all of English botanists. It addresses all persons, natural or legal interest in the plant world in an ethic of respect for nature, man and his environment. Before the admission of impotence of our universities to promote botany and related disciplines, and their under-representation in the French language at the global level it is willing to integrate and share as much knowledge on these subjects. Established in 2000 in this goal, the site has become the portal for information and exchange of privileged English botanists. Every day, lovers, teachers and professionals to exchange knowledge and develop projects in which you are invited to participate. Its operation is based on two essential choices:
    * The ethics of collaborative networks for the participation of members
    * The use of mass but reasoned information technology and communication exchanges.
The lab has developped a partnership with the network Tela-Botanica, just come and see our dedicated site!