Xper2 - Latest release

Version 2.3.2 (Java 1.6 required - tested with java 1.7 and 1.8) French English Spanish Portuguese China

Please be aware that this is still a work in progress, so it may contain bugs.

Xper² full version

Plateform File name File size Modify on
Windows XP/Vista/7 (Windows 10 tested with java 1.8 Xper2-Editor-2.3.2.exe5577 Ko06/02/2014
Linux / MacOS X (>10.10) Xper2-Editor-2.3.2.jar5272 Ko06/02/2014
MacOS X (<10.11) Xper2-Editor-2.3.2.zip5030 Ko06/02/2014

Xper² identification version

(Stand-alone identification module)

Plateform File name File size Modify on
Windows XP/Vista/7 Xper2-Identification-2.3.2.exe5577 Ko06/02/2014
Linux / MacOS X (>10.10) Xper2-Identification-2.3.2.jar5272 Ko06/02/2014
MacOS X (<10.11) Xper2-Identification-2.3.2.zip5030 Ko06/02/2014

Sample base

To test and handle Xper², download the following base, unzip and open the base in the Xper² interface : File > Open a base

Resources File name File size Modify on
Base Leaves feuilles.zip2767 Ko03/18/2009
Base Instutor instutor.zip1990 Ko03/18/2009

Java Runtime Environment

Xper² need Java installed on your computer, you should install or update the JRE.
The download portal

Xper² old releases

Xper² release 2.2 (compatible Java 1.5)
Xper² release 2.1 (compatible Java 1.5)
Xper² release 2.0 (compatible Java 1.5)